Alone we can do so little

Together we can do so much.

Helen Keller

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Doing our bit for the environment

Here at Trusted Travel Buddies we care very much about our Planet Earth, and are committed to doing our wee bit for going green and creating a better world.  We passionately wish to reduce our own carbon footprint and believe in adopting sustainability practices, and here are just a few of the daily innovative and ethical practices we currently use.  We are always looking for areas for improvement and would welcome any new ideas on how we can become even more greener.

You can also follow our progress with Tree Nation here and find out how many trees we have planted to offset our website's carbon footprint.

Below are just a few of the things we are doing to help

  • When visiting clients for initial assessments, where possible we prefer to reduce our carbon footprint and expenditures by walking or cycling instead of using a vehicle.
  • We use sustainably sourced recycled paper.
  • Re-cycle all our paper shredder waste
  • Re-cycle old ink cartridges
  • Turn Team Green, especially during Lockdown we adapted to zoom meetings instead of face-to face with clients and suppliers.
  • Trusted Travel Buddies makes charitable donations to local causes.
  • We ask our employees, clients and their Care Team if they have any ideas on how we could become greener.
  • At Trusted Travel Buddies HQ we use eco-friendly cleaning products and reduce chemicals by using micro-fibre cloths. We use a duel flush toilet, aerated shower, and thermostat adjusting controls for underfloor heating, and use highly efficient models of energy saving lightbulbs for appliances, and check the electricity bills against usage once a quarter.
  • We are currently “Fostering” some young trees until they are strong again to return to The Merkinch Nature reserve in 2022.
  • We support and promote local nature projects.
  • We can offer suggestions for nature-related attractions and days out while on client holidays if the client wishes.
  • We encourage the use of multiple use eco-friendly water bottles for staff and clients to use whilst on holiday instead of single use plastics.
  • Staff bring bags for life on each holiday to try to minimize the need for throwaway carrier bags.
  • We are currently implementing a Trusted Travel Buddies Environmental Policy.
  • Finally, Trusted Travel Buddies pledges to plant a tree for every client holiday that has been achieved!